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Taken from the Official Site

In 1998, Chimaira, pronounced, ki-meer-ah, was started by Jason Hager, the guitarist of the now defunct Ascension. His desire to spawn an intense new metal band led Hager to Mark Hunter of Cleveland's Skipline. Hunter was an easy choice because of his strength as both a songwriter and a lead vocalist. After a great deal of trial and error, the Chimaira family came to be what it is today: the agonized vocals of Mark Hunter, complemented by the guitar talents of Rob Arnold and Jason Hager, the drumming of Andy Herrick, and the bass talents of Jim LaMarca, all under the electronic wizardry of Chris Spicuzza.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Chimaera is a monster that has the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. This group of beasts combines together to create one grotesque new monster; the Chimaera. The elements that make up Cleveland's Chimaira, blinding aggression, scathing melody, and lyrical content that attacks the darkest side of human emotion, combine together to create a monster in their own right, ready to assault an unsuspecting world with sheer brutality.

Interest in Chimaira has been expressed through a variety of mediums. In a few short years of existence, Chimaira has shared billing with many national acts including Machine Head, The Misfits, Napalm Death, Taproot, Puya, Snapcase, and more recently, Spineshank, Soulfly, and Hatebreed.

The January 2000 release of Chimaira's debut EP, "This Present Darkness," on East Coast Empire Records has generated a great deal of radio interest. The key track, "Painting the White to Grey" spent its first three months at the top of the charts for CMJ Album Network, FMQB, and HITS. "Painting the White to Grey" received hundreds of spins on major market radio stations such as Minneapolis' 93x and Jersey metal staple WSOU. On-air interviews and radio shows followed for both. The radio attention also brought the band a grueling schedule of radio interviews, over 100 in Summer 2000 alone.

Chimaira also spent several weeks during that Summer on an East Coast tour with Maine's Colepitz. The self-promoted tour gave Chimaira exposure throughout New York, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia and more. Chimaira also spent several weeks in early 2001 on another self-promoted tour with Spineshank(Roadrunner) and Nonpoint(MCA). This tour took Chimaira from Cleveland to CBGB's in New York City as far South as Birmingham, Alabama before returning them home. Spring 2001 promises several more live performances, including upcoming dates with Soulfly and Hatebreed.

More recently the band was featured on USA Network's music program Their performance of the unreleased track, "Dead Inside," aired several times this Fall in both the United States and Canada. "Dead Inside" also received the second track position on 30,000 Loudside CD Samplers distributed at 2000's Ozzfest and Tattoo the Earth tours.

A cover of Accept's "Balls to the Wall" is the lead track on the upcoming ECW Wrestling Soundtrack, Anarchy Rulz. The soundtrack due out March 20, 2001, also features tracks from Static X, Coal Chamber, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000, and more.

Chimaira is on a journey to destroy everything in their path. Their massive fanbase floods venues everywhere, often turning a simple show into a near riot. From the first pummeling note, Chimaira's aggression is reborn with every stage they take. Every instrument unearths emotions better left buried and together they unleash the vicious monster lurking just beneath the surface .

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