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Jason Hager Leaves Chimaira
Two and a half years ago I formed Chimaira with Mark, the goal was to write music and hope that people liked what we were doing. Now I have achieved more than I could have ever imagined. I use to idolize bands such as Fear Factory, Deftones, Sepultura, etc., and although I still do look up to those bands, I'm now hanging out with them, playing shows with them, and having them want to be on our CD. It's a truly amazing feeling, not to mention that I got to share this with 5 of the greatest and most determined people ever. I've been all over the U.S., I've been on national T.V.,and recorded a record for Roadrunner, THE label that's responsible for some of the all time best metal records ever. I have been fortunate enough to experience what just about every little boy dreams of. I never thought that I could ever care about anything else. But now I do. 4 days before we left to go on tour with SpineShank I found out that my wife was pregnant. So as I type this, she is sitting at home by herself, dealing with the stress of weather or not we'll have money for doctors, or if we'll even have enough money to not be evicted from our apartment. and this extremely stressful situation is causing her to have a lot of complications with the pregnancy. I can't deal with having her go through that while I'm out on the road, waking up in a different city everyday, not having to deal with these problems directly, I feel that this makes me a bad husband and a selfish person. I need to be there for her, and when my child is born I need to be there for my child, But I can't hold up the band because of my personal situations. I am a firm believer in "family first". so in the best interest of my family, my band, and myself, I must step aside and be at home with my family, if I didn't I would hate myself forever. So... Matt DeVries, who is like brother to me will be taking my place in Chimaira. I'd like to think that I brought a presence to this band that could never be replaced, but who am i kidding. pretty soon I will be nothing more than just "the old guitar player for Chimaira". You will not be disappointed with what Matt has to offer this band. and this is not the last you'll be hearing from me. But until then I would like to thank everyone who has made my dreams possible, mostly the fans, because with out you guys this band wouldn't have gotten anywhere. I will be grateful to you all for the rest of my life. I would also like to thank (although I could never thank them enough) Spineshank. You guys have taken us under your wing and showed us nothing but love and respect. So in closing, I would like to thank Rob Arnold, Mark Hunter, Chris Spicuzza, Andy Herrick, and Jim Lamarca. You guys are like brothers, and you will always be a major part of my life. And all the previous members of Chimaira: Andrew "A E" Ermlick, Rob Lesniack, and Jason Genero. And the newest member; Matt DeVries. I have the upmost confidence in these guys ability to change the face of metal. So once again, thank you all for the support. it will not be forgotten.
Jason Hager

8-6-01- Pass Out of Existance i s going to be released on October 2nd. So everyone mark the day on your calender and go buy it in October.

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