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5/26/01- I added a lyrics and lyrics to leave(back up) and Don't be afraid

6/2/01- Perfect self has sold 10,000 copies in the first week YAY!!! If you havn't bought it yet go buy it. It is a really amazing CD. I also added some lyrics to the lyircs section. I will soon be posting a cd review section and a mud story section where you can tell your story of stereomud concerts. I will be adding my story soon. If you have any perfect self reviews or Mud stories e-mail them to me. Tha'ts it keep spreading the mud.

6/6/01- I added lyrics to How we stand and down from here.

7-2-01- I added the lyrics to the rest of perfect self. I added tabs today. They are the only stereomud tabs on the web. Check em out.