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This Present darkness


in this present darkness i fall upon broken knees crawl through weight depression haunted by and unborn ghost i'll never know your fears never see me in your eyes curse the one that stole your name from me this is the monster that they create from second of your conception minutes leading to death sentence will shackle me and turn eyes red i will constantly endure the pain of your creation how can i lie awake grace how can i lie awake my love will stay dead in this present darknes i fall

face i am nothing complete by sarcastic taste what a waste i think i'd rather die wanting never gaining i find myself pondering life always situations i can never hide crying tears of anger hate depressed i never know the me never know what to do slit pour out the life a bottle of the vive a desperate cry for something else to justify i am in a daze caused by pain a failing force that wants to change painting the white to grey numb body shivering blood dripping from the skin painting the white to grey plastic always drastic vision of a psychopathic with a razor crawling through the attic i know someone out there cares wanting me to get my head out of the clouds as they think it's time repair the scars will never clear i'll never be the same little one with hopes of one day being sane might have tried before but i locked the door i just need a reson to unlock it i am in a daze caused by pain a failing force that wants to change painting the white to grey numb body shivering blood dripping from the skin painting the white to grey cutting popping i know i'm not the definition of your model i'm always dropping dying or crying i rarely find the relevence of in always competing or trying.. so i guess i'll take dying i need to fell th eshame of what it was that i did painting th ewhit to grey my life summed up in one brush cold in the back of a pupiteer bathroom floor that i swhere i tried to make it clear that is where i tried that is where i tried to die painting the white to grey

i always searched for an answer for my convictions a troubled mind at 15 demonic visions i saw you rape dand beaten who the hell is this monster that surounds my brain i try to make some sense of this try to break the mold divination a power i wish i did not have now i wake with sweat and bood scars of you dad choke i wake from this nightmare to find it's the truth tell me now father what did we do i'll never understand your actions ... never speak to you don't try and correct your mistakes never trust in you fake f***er fake father die.

crawling back up from thefloor now i look above me and there you are i see your smiling face so pure it's gold reaching your hand out to touch mine perhaps all i needed was you smile a nice compliment or two where were you a few weeks ago when i was wnating to, wanting to die i felt so worthless but you saved me watching me almost fall under you were with him i was with her wanting each other more than life a kiss away form being perfect cry out you're watching over me and i can't be with you all i wanted was to end me now to be in love with two i hate my thought now i'll leave her alone to live in bliss you're my savior my dream come true i am not happy unless i am with you can't you leave him and forget about it no try ing to figure out a way to escape i'll lick your wounds i''ll heal your sores i can never face the past cause it's erased not together i felt so sick inside death will come very soon i fear as we drift away picture me dead would you cry

your ArE god's most beutiful creation from this moment I set my eye upon you i knew i wanted to be near to feel your arms wrap around me and to share myself with you would be nothing but ecstasy knowing you will make me whole again then she said no i cried out to help youmy freind who does nothing but love i watched you high i watched you low never falling too far i am glad to have been here to help you get through here i know didn't fulfill but i helped somehow i'll take your pain create with me chim was way for you to breathe i hope it was enough to help you through htis war called love take our hand before you leave one more time reaching our dreams we feel incomplete i know one day you'll solve that mystery and make them feel the way you did me lend a hand to you my freind, ae

Sorry I don't have lyrics to Empty or Silence they aren't in the book.


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